Today we welcomed Mr Mark Ellis from the David Shephard Wildlife Foundation to our Assembly to talk about the Foundation and about what they do. Mr Ellis explained the challenges tigers around the world face, particularly issues around the threats posed to their habitat.

Wildlife Assembly

In classes today, Year 2 looked at the area of global safari, different habitats around the world and how they are changing. As we advance, the class will participate in the Global Canvas Competition run by the DSWF to create art on the theme of biodiversity and the interconnection of life.

Year 2 Wildlife Preservation

Year 6 had the opportunity to hear Mr Ellis’ knowledge of elephants and the human-wildlife conflict. They were tasked with designing a way to protect maize crops and reduce friction between communities and elephants.


Preservation - Elephants

We look forward to seeing more of these inspired children’s work on this area.

A huge thank you to Mr Ellis for his time and valuable knowledge on the subjects.

Wildlife Preservation Photographs

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