On Wednesday 22nd February the Cross Country teams of FSM recently participated in Clayesmore’s massive relay event.

The event involved runners starting from four different age-graded start points, and each team consisted of four runners.

Clayesmore Cross Cuntry event

Cross Country

The event was a massive undertaking and involved over 750 runners in total! Collectively, they covered an impressive distance of over 1000 miles! The runners from FSM showed impressive grit, endurance, and great team spirit.

They were also very encouraging towards each other throughout the event. Even though the event was challenging, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the delicious doughnuts and hot chocolate that were provided at the end.

They also earned a finisher’s t-shirt, which was a great way to commemorate their participation in the event. Congratulations to all the runners from FSM who participated in this event and made it a huge success!


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