Today is Mars Day, and the pupils of Forres Sandle Manor have been exploring this incredible planet.


Mars Day 2023

Mars, the closest planet to Earth, has always held a special place in our imaginations and has been the focus of many space exploration missions.

Recently, Our Year 5 students have been getting stuck into the Amaze Lab’s Mars Base Camp Challenge. This exciting project encourages students to think about how humans would live and work on Mars, covering everything from communication and safety to toilets!

Mars Day Pupils

The challenge allows students to explore the different aspects of life on Mars, including designing the base camp, thinking about the technology needed, and even considering what food and drink options would be available.

Participating in Marsday23 and the Mars Base Camp Challenge is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about the possibilities of space exploration and the technologies required to make it happen. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration, all essential skills for the 21st century. It also provides an excellent platform for students to explore the STEM subjects and careers that are involved in space exploration.

In conclusion, exploring space and the possibilities of living and working on Mars is an exciting area of research that has the potential to transform the way we live and work. Our Year 5 pupils are getting a taste of what it takes to make space exploration a reality. With the right skills and knowledge, who knows what the future holds for space exploration? Maybe one day, some of our students will be the ones to make history and step foot on Mars.

Mars Day Photographs

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