After receiving a collection of trees from ‘The Woodland Trust‘, FSM has been busy and cracked on with planting them all on the top moor at school.

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to the protection and expansion of woodland areas. They work tirelessly to promote the importance of trees and their contribution to the health of the planet. One way they do this is by providing schools with collections of trees to plant in their grounds.

Tree Planting

Years 2 and Year 5 got the ball rolling earlier in the week, and it was a hive of activity as they carefully planted their trees. The excitement was palpable as they got their hands dirty, digging holes, and making sure their trees were firmly planted. The children learned about Rowan, Elder, Blackthorn, and Hazel trees before making their choice, and it was fantastic to see them taking such an interest in the process.

Woodland Trust planting trees

Yesterday (15/03/23) it was the turn of Years 3, 6, 7 and 8, who all did their bit to help with the planting. They were keen to get involved and help their school make a positive impact on the environment. As they worked together to plant their trees, they chatted excitedly about the different types of trees and what they would look like when they grew up.

The final group, Year 4, will finish off the planting during Friday’s Forest School session. The children are all looking forward to getting involved and doing their bit to help the school’s new woodland area grow and flourish. It’s clear that everyone has had a tree-mendous time so far, and it’s great to see the children getting involved in such an important project.

Tree Planting – The Photographs

Planting trees is an important way to help combat climate change, and it’s fantastic to see schools like this taking an active role in the process. The Woodland Trust’s work is invaluable in promoting the importance of trees and their contribution to the health of our planet.


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