Year 2 pupils recently went on a field trip to the National Motor Museum and Beaulieu Palace to investigate the reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

Beaulieu – A History Lesson in Motoring and Sovereigns

The visit was part of their history lesson and aimed to answer the question, ‘Which Queen’s reign was more important for us?’ The students were given the opportunity to explore the Motor Museum and learn about the Motor Car, which was a Victorian invention.

Beaulieu - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The students were particularly excited to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Monopoly Car, and discover how the first cars were made. They were amazed to see the different types of cars and how they have evolved over time. The children learned about the history of the motor car and how it has impacted society.

After a delicious lunch, the students toured Palace House with Miss Clarke, the Governess. The children took on the roles of Victorian schoolchildren who were invited to Palace House. This gave the students a hands-on experience of what life was like during the Victorian era.
The students were impeccably behaved throughout the tour, which resulted in them all being offered a job!

Beaulieu - Year 2

This was a great way for the children to understand how difficult life was during the Victorian era and appreciate how much progress has been made since then.

The visit to the National Motor Museum and Beaulieu was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about the history of the motor car and life during the Victorian era. It was also a great way for the pupils to see the progression of technology and society over time.

The children learned that both Queen Victoria‘s and Queen Elizabeth II’s reigns have been important for us in different ways. Queen Victoria’s reign saw the birth of the motor car and significant changes in society. Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has seen significant progress in technology, medicine, and education. It is important for us to understand and appreciate the contributions of both of these great Queens to our society.


Beaulieu – The Photographs

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