Our Pre Prep Nativity stole the show this afternoon, leaving everyone in awe! Parents were treated to heartwarming performances, beautiful singing, and adorable dancing in the enchanting ‘Bundle of Joy‘ Nativity. πŸŽΆβ„οΈ

Pre Prep Nativity 2023 Group


Huge congratulations to each and every participant – your talent and dedication truly shone through, making us all immensely proud and even bringing a tear to our eyes.  A special shout-out to the entire Pre Prep Team for their hard work and commitment, Mrs Spotiswood for her brilliant direction, and the fantastic Mrs Holdom, Mrs DC, Mrs Carver, Mrs  Chismon, and Miss Froud for their invaluable support with lines and makeup.

Pre Prep Nativity 2023 Grumble

A round of applause for the amazing Mrs Mumford, whose creative touch transformed everyone into the most incredible characters with her outstanding work on costumes.  Thank you, Mrs Mumford, for adding that extra touch of magic to the performance – everyone looked absolutely incredible! 

Pre Prep Nativity Photographs

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