What an incredible morning we had for our Interhouse Cross Country event!

Despite the chilly weather, the enthusiasm and energy of our students warmed up the atmosphere, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

After a thorough warm-up that got everyone’s blood pumping and muscles ready, our participants eagerly took on the challenging course, leading the runners through scenic paths across our playing fields and through the beautiful woods.

Cross Country Running Interhouse

Cross Country

The natural surroundings provided a picturesque backdrop, and the cool breeze added an extra element of excitement to the event. It was a true testament to the resilience and endurance of our children as they navigated through the varying terrains with determination and a competitive spirit.

A massive round of applause and congratulations to every participant! You all showcased exceptional sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork. The cheers and encouragement from fellow pupils and teachers, echoed through the woods, creating an uplifting and motivating atmosphere.


Beyond the competitive aspect, the Interhouse Cross Country served as a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together, celebrate each other’s achievements, and foster a sense of unity. It’s events like these that contribute to the vibrant and positive school culture we are proud to have at Forres Sandle Manor.

A big thank you to the organizers, volunteers, and everyone who contributed to making this event a success. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and we are already looking forward to the next exhilarating adventure on the running trails.

Once again, well done to everyone who participated. You all did superbly well, and your commitment to sportsmanship and healthy competition is truly commendable. Here’s to more exciting events and achievements in the future!

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