Maths Week 2024

Welcome to our Maths Week blog, here you’ll find all the latest updates about the week and all the activities the children have been getting up to.
Maths Week 2024 CSI
CSI Activity 
Our Maths Week is off to an incredible start with an exhilarating CSI investigation

Our brilliant students are putting their mathematical skills to the test as they dive into the world of crime-solving.  From applying algebra to deciphering clues to using geometry to reconstruct the crime scene, they’re showcasing their mathematical prowess in action.

But that’s not all – this investigation is fostering teamwork and friendly competition! Teams of young detectives are collaborating, sharing ideas, and enjoying the thrill of problem-solving together. 

Stay tuned for more updates as our pupils continue to unravel the mysteries of mathematics in this engaging and fun-filled week! 


CSI Activity Photographs

Chicken Wire Activity
Our Year 5 and 6 students truly spread their wings in the Chicken Wire Activity today! Engaging both mathematical and spatial skills, our talented young artists crafted an array of incredible sculptures and models.  From adorable chicks to majestic lizards, and even iconic Spitfires and Star Wars Tie Fighters, their creativity knew no bounds! 
It’s inspiring to see the fusion of art and STEM as our students bring their imaginations to life.  Hats off to our budding sculptors for turning wire into wonderful works of art!  

Chicken Wire Activity Photographs



Treasure Hunt
CSI Activity
It’s been Day 4 of our Maths Week here, and Years 3 & 4 have been taking part in a Maths Treasure Hunt.
The hunt has been a great success, with the children displaying enthusiasm and excitement as they search for the numerical answers scattered across the school grounds.
This has provided an opportunity for the children to explore the school grounds in a new and different way while also learning maths skills in a fun and engaging way.
As the week progresses, the children are becoming more and more adept at solving puzzles. 
Everyone then went on to a crime-solving CSI activity, where they all excelled in utilising the skills that they had learned.

Treasure Hunt Photographs

Whole School Board Games
Today was the final part of Maths Week with a chance for children from across the school to come together and enjoy the subject in a new way.
Through board games, the pupils were able to explore mathematical topics and practice their problem-solving skills.
The higher and lower game was a particular favourite and the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities. It was a great way for them to gain a deeper understanding of Maths!

Whole School Board Games Activity

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