Year 1 at Stonehenge

Last Friday (01/03/24) marked an unforgettable experience for Year 1 as they embarked on a captivating journey through the mysteries and marvels of Stonehenge. Guided by the knowledgeable Mrs. Spottiswood, the class delved deep into the enigmatic history of this ancient site, where every stone whispers tales of the past.

Year 1 Stonehenge Trip Mrs Spottiswood

Mrs Spottiswood, with her encyclopedic knowledge, led the eager pupils through the history of the standing stones, each step accompanied by questions and discoveries. Among the many wonders that captured their imagination was the Heel Stone, standing proud and untouched, bearing witness to centuries of human curiosity and wonder.

As they wandered arround the towering stones, the children’s minds were abuzz with inquiries about how these colossal structures arrived at their resting place and the purposes they once served. Mrs Spottiswood’s insightful explanations helped everyone with the mysteries, shedding light on the ancient engineering feats and the cultural significance that has puzzled historians for generations.

Year 1 Stonehenge Trip Museum

But the adventure didn’t end there! After they explored the stones, the group ventured into the remarkable museum, where they immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of discoveries made at the site. From ancient artefacts to groundbreaking archaeological finds, every exhibit offered a glimpse into the past, unveiling the intricate layers of history that shroud Stonehenge.

Moreover, the pupils learned about the broader landscape encompassing Stonehenge, discovering neighbouring henges such as Woodhenge and Bluehenge, which are integral parts of the narrative weaving through time.

Thanks to the exceptional guidance of Mrs Spottiswood and Mrs Carver, who orchestrated a truly magnificent trip. 

Year 1 Stonehenge Trip Roundhouses

Year 1 Photographs