Yesterday marked an exciting and educational journey for our intrepid Year 2 students as they ventured into the heart of nature’s marvels at the New Forest Wildlife Park. Our young explorers delved into their current topic: the Red List and endangered species, immersing themselves in a world where conservation meets adventure.


The day began with palpable excitement as the children eagerly stepped into the park. From the majestic Bison to the elusive harvest mice, from the fiery red foxes to the playful otters, every corner revealed a new fascination, igniting the curiosity and wonder of our budding conservationists.

As they meandered through the winding pathways, the pupils encountered an array of captivating creatures. They marvelled at the regal Eagle and the enchanting Snowy Owl, their feathers shimmering in the dappled sunlight. They also learned about the feathers that look like owl’s ears on the top of their head: Plumicorn! They also saw graceful Deer and bounding Wallabies amidst the landscape, offering glimpses into the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Wildlife Workshop

Year 2 Workshop New Forest Wildlife Park

A highlight of the trip was the engaging workshop centred around identifying habitats and understanding the importance of conservation efforts to protect endangered species. Through interactive activities and insightful discussions, our young learners gained a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings and the role each of us plays in preserving their habitats.

They will be going back as they didn’t spot the Lynx!

Here’s to many more adventures in the realm of discovery.


Wildlife Park Photographs


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