Ancient Technology Centre

What an incredible day it was for Year 3 recently! To deepen their understanding of the Romans in Britain and the evolution of the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, they visited the fascinating Ancient Technology Centre. Our little historians stepped back in time, exploring roundhouses, handling real Roman coins, and engaging in ancient crafts like fire-making, skin tanning, felt designing, and even wood chopping with traditional tools!

Ancient Technology Centre Year 3 Teamwork

The Blacksmith’s Forge

The absolute highlight? The blacksmith’s forge, where each pupil had a hand in forging an iron tool—talk about teamwork! 

Swipe through to see the excitement and discovery on their faces as they brought history to life, right here in our local area. Their curiosity and enthusiasm were through the roof, earning them high praise from both Mr Hosking and the centre staff for their insightful questions and impressive knowledge.

A big thank you to the staff at the Ancient Technology Centre for making history so tangible and fun for our pupils!

Ancient Technology Centre Photographs

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