The Fantastic Fours arrived at Durlston Court ready to give their QuadFest Athletics events their best efforts. Everyone was split into 4 groups, with each group completing a 400m ‘middle distance’ run, a 50m sprint, a standing long jump, and a vortex throw. Times and distances were recorded, with points being awarded according to a chart, then tallied to give an overall total for each child.

QuadFest Athletics - Year 4

QuadFest Athletics

The 400m was the first event for everyone and FSM’s runners are certainly a brave lot, with several pupils heading straight for the front of the pack! We picked up some fantastic finishes here, with Polly 50m clear of her field and Tom K taking 2nd in his 400m, by half a stride. The groups then went into a rotation for the other events. Again, FSM had great results: Blake, Joseph, Tom K and Brayden, Violet, Polly, Isla and Penny A excelled in the sprints; Marta, Blake and Hugo in the standing long jump; and Hugo, Joseph, Marta and Isla in the throws. 


What was most impressive, though, was the spirit in which FSM’s athletes performed. This was an all-round event, with focus and effort required throughout, especially on the events that perhaps weren’t one’s favourite. It was great to see the children encouraging and cheering each other, and the sheer determination written across those faces as they raced for the finish lines.

Congratulations to Hettie, Beata, Penny W, Jamane, Jacob, Ezra, Tom C, Khaya and Mateo for giving each event their best effort with, I am sure, some personal bests in the mix. What a team!


QuadFest Athletics Photographs

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