Yesterday marked a significant milestone for our Pre-Prep and Prep Karate pupils as they undertook their official grading, the rigorous examination process that propels them to their next Karate belt.

The grading session was overseen by the esteemed Master Janet Ho and Sensei Haywood Ho from JH Action Academy. Their expertise and guidance were pivotal in evaluating our pupils’ skills and progress.

Karate Grading Prep Pupils

Karate Grading

Designed to challenge the students, the grading tested their knowledge of discipline, respect, and various Karate techniques. Additionally, pupils were placed in real-life scenarios to demonstrate their practical application of Karate skills.

Karate Grading Pre Prep Pupils

The results were outstanding. Each pupil showcased exceptional talent and dedication, impressing the Karate Masters with their proficiency and commitment. A heartfelt congratulations to all participants—your hard work has truly paid off. Keep striving for excellence as you prepare for your next grading!

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