Congratulations to Our Years 6, 7, and 8 Pupils on Their Success at the Senior Wessex Athletics Championships!

A huge well done to all our Year 6, 7, and 8 pupils who took part in the Senior Wessex Athletics Championships yesterday. Your dedication, hard work, and outstanding performances have truly shone through!

Our Director of Sport, Mr Hancock, expressed his pride and enthusiasm, saying:

“I couldn’t be prouder of our athletes today. These results came through weeks and weeks of hard work and dedication. The overall effort of all those pupils who competed today was outstanding. The medals achieved were phenomenal, those that qualified for nationals exceeded all expectations, and Bea receiving U13 Girls Athlete of the Day (FSM’s 3rd in 30 years) is the cherry on the cake.”

Congratulations to everyone who participated and contributed to such a memorable and successful day. Your achievements are a testament to your commitment and passion for athletics. Keep up the fantastic work, and let’s continue to aim high! 

Senior Wessex Championships - Hurdles


Senior Wessex Athletics Championship Results

1st place – qualifies for nationals

2nd place-  qualifies for nationals 

3rd place – standby for nationals 

Outstanding performance


Senior Wessex Championships - Girls Hurdles




U12 Girls 100m – Bodi – 8th in heat

U12 Girls Long Jump – Polly C – 6th 

U12 Girls 200m – Violet – 7th in heat

U12 Girls 800m – Polly C – 8th 

U12 Girls Hurdles – Elora – 4th in heat 

U12 Girls Relay – Boadi, Violet, Polly, Elora – 4th in heat


U13 Girls 100m – Martine H – 5th in heat

U13 Girls 200m – Bea C – 1st 

U13 Girls 800m – Bea C – 4th 

U13 Girls Relay – Sophia, Martine, Leila, Bea – 3rd Bronze Medal 

U13 Girls Hurdles – Leila dL – 7th Final

U13 Girls 1500m – Sophia GH – 6th 

U13 Girls Long Jump – Bea C – 1st 


U13 Girls Shot – Leila dL – 3rd

U13 Girls Discus – Sophia GH – 11th 

U13 Girls Javelin – Leila dL – 9th 


U14 Girls Long Jump 

U14 Girls Triple Jump – Leila dL – 5th 




U12 Boys 100m – Hardy O – 7th in Final

U12 Boys 200m -Thomas L 4th in Heat

U12 Boys 800m – Jack H 8th

U12 Boys 1500 – Joshua F – 9th 

U12 Boys Hurdles – Hardy O – 5th in heat 

U12 Boys Relay – Jack, Thomas, Hardy, Tenzin – 8th in Final

U12 Boys Long Jump – Jack H 5th 

U12 Boys High Jump – Tenzin D 9th

U12 Boys Shot – Jasper M 6th

U12 Boys Discus – Jasper M – 10th

U12 Boys Javelin – Jack H – 1st 


U13 Boys 800m – Seb C 4th

U13 Boys 1500m – Max C – 4th 

U13 Boys Hurdles – Seb C – 3rd in heat 

U13 Boys Long Jump – Hardy O 12th

U13 Boys High Jump – Max C – 10th

U13 Boys Shot – Joshua H – 2nd 

U13 Boys Javelin – Joshua H – 2nd


U14 Boys 200m – Edgar D – 3rd in heat

U14 Boys 300m – Lubin B – 11th new PB

U14 Boys 800m – Edgar D 7th

U14 Boys 1500m – Ricky dL 13th running year above

U14 Boys Hurdles – Joey M – 7th in final

U14 Boys Relay – Jack, Lubin, Joey, Edgar – 8th in heat 

U14 Boys Long Jump – Joey M – 11th 

U14 Boys High Jump – Lubin B 4th

U14 Boys Triple Jump – Joey M – 4th 

U14 Boys Shot – Jack S – 3rd 

U14 Boys Discus – Joshua H N/A

U14 Boys Javelin – Lubin B 11th


Senior Wessex Athletics Championship Photographs

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