And they’re off!

Year 7 and 8 Residential to Normandy

On the Boat to Caen

Our Year 7 and 8 students have embarked on their exciting residential trip to Normandy. Here they are, enjoying every moment on the ferry to Caen! Bon voyage!  

Normandy Day 1

Year 7 and 8 Normandy Volleyball

By Noah in Year 8

After a very early we got to the ferry and settled in for the 6-hour journey. The journey passed quickly because of the activities on offer. Some of us watched a film in the cinema and others took advantage of the entertainment, which an included an FSM team winning the quiz. Noah, Clayton, Josh and Cathinka have insisted they receive the credit for their work!

We then had a short journey to the hotel to drop the bags and then walked down to the beach. Lots of fun was had playing football, volleyball and finding creatures in the sand.

Years 7 and 8 Normandy Trip Supper

We concluded the long day with a delicious three course meal in the local restaurant before returning to the hotel. A much-needed sleep now before a day of activities at the chateau tomorrow.

Normandy Day 2

Today children are visiting the Chateau Baudoniere – breadmaking activity in groups. Then there are afternoon activities at the chateau – Aeroballe and Archery. 

By Felix N, Aiden B, Joey M and Ben H.

After a rejuvenating sleep, we woke up early for our day at the chateau. We made our way to the restaurant to have our first continental breakfast in France and make our picnic lunch for the day.

When we arrived at the chateau we were greeted by our French-speaking instructors and split into our 3 activity groups. Our activities were a carousel of Aeroballe, Archery and Bread Making, of which our favourite was Aeroballe.

We write this as we take the coach back to the restaurant for another much-needed three-course meal. Once our stomachs have been filled, we have an evening of watching the football and games on the beach.


Year 7 and 8 Normandy Bread making

Day 3

Year 7 and 8 Normandy Beach Group

By Jack C, Samuel G, Cecilia S, Rowena B, Cathinka B, Jeanne K and Leila du L


Today was a bright and early start, waking up at 7am. We had a delicious breakfast of cereal, bread and spreads.

We had a long drive to the Goat Farm where we learnt the names of the different parts of a goat in French, and learnt how to make Goat’s Cheese. We got to taste the cheese, some of us hated it and others thought it was delicious. We then milked the goat and some tried the milk straight from the goat itself, everyone was surprised how nice it tasted.

After our picnic lunch we got back on the coach to go to the Tapisserie du Bayeux. This was an interesting experience where we walked along the 70 metres of embroidered linen which explained the story of The Battle of Hastings. We then visited Bayeux Cathedral which was beautiful and lit some candles.

Cemetery Year 7 and 8 Normandy Residential

Our final trip of the day was to the cemetery which was very moving. There were thousands of graves, reading their headstones, seeing how many died on D-Day and how young some of the soldiers were made us all reflect.

Finally, back to the restaurant for our evening meal, an enjoyable French quiz and we are just about to head down to the beach to capture sunset.

Another great day!

Normandy Residential - Fresh Goat's Milk

Fresh Goat’s Milk.


Day 4

Year 7 and 8 Normandy Beaches


By Eliza C

The day started with a much needed lie in before heading down to fuel ourselves with breakfast.

We then headed off to Conde Marché where some people bought crêpes, baguettes, paella, fruit and clothes. We also saw the last Prime Minister of France as they were petitioning for the upcoming election.

We then moved on to Arromanches where we ate our lunch on top of the cliffs with a beautiful view. Our next activity was to visit the 360-degree cinema which informed us about the D-Day Landings. A short walk down into Arromanches allowed us to enjoy some free time, buy souvenirs and eat more crêpes.

A final supper in the restaurant where we were all treated to crème brûlée as a dessert. A presentation from our animateur who awarded prizes for the week.

We now head down to the beach to enjoy our final evening of fun before a few activities in the morning and making our way home for much-needed sleep!

Year 7 and 8 Eliza Residential

Keep posted for all the latest about the Normandy trip here.


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