On a bright Sunday morning, the boarders set off on an adventure into the New Forest.  They thought they were going for one of Mr Harvey’s legendary ‘Harvey Hikes’ but little did they know that Mr Harvey had driven in early, collected a picnic lunch and games to play and dropped his car off in the Forest, cycling back ready to meet the boarders at 10am. 

It was the perfect day to get out and about and explore the wonderful countryside on our doorstep and just as their legs were beginning to tire, the boarders happened to come across  Mr Harvey’s car!  There was great delight as they realised lunch was waiting for them and there were games to enjoy with friends afterwards.  

Whilst they may have been a little weary when they returned to the house, a cup of hot chocolate and some yummy flapjacks and brownies certainly lifted their spirits.  It was then time to relax and enjoy the recently released film ‘Cats’ before tucking into a delicious Roast Beef dinner.  

Mrs Kendall, who was also on duty on Sunday, commented on what a lovely day it had been with the boarders.  Throughout the day, she heard the children using words such as independence, teamwork, resilience and determination in their happy conversations with each other.  These are important learning powers that we really encourage in the children and so this was lovely feedback to receive.