Yet another week has flown by since last weekend’s sleepout and Sunday’s lovely fun day activities. It was great to be able to meet more boarding families for the first time and to get to know better those I have already met at the event. In the evenings this week, we have been making the most of the great weather and the remaining light outdoors after supper time as the days draw in. The pool has been open every evening other than Wednesday and is as popular as ever. It is wonderful to see the boarders so active and willing to make the very most of the many opportunities and facilities they have here at FSM. 

This was typified by the levels of participation, enthusiasm and competitive edge on display on Wicked Wednesday in our sports round robin. The boarders were split into 6 teams of 6 with Year 8 captains and played 3 of the other 5 teams at either volleyball, netball or kwik cricket. Some of the highlights were our Spanish and Norwegian pupils scoring their first-ever run in cricket, or goal in netball and also Mr McEwan’s very interesting volleyball rules and umpiring which made for rather interesting spectating. 
The emphasis of the evening was on teamwork and sportsmanship, two huge qualities we have in abundance within the boarding house and key to the success of achieving what we want to achieve for boarding at FSM. After the tournament, we had prizes and cheers for the winning team, speeches from staff and tuck on the lawn. Maybe not a quintessentially British boarding school evening, but certainly a very enjoyable one for boarders and boarding staff.