Birthdays are always a very special occasion and celebrating two on the same day.

Livi turning 11 and Miss Brown’s 50th birthday, gave the boarders the perfect opportunity to celebrate in style. 

The boarders made delicious cupcakes in the morning, with some taking the opportunity to explore basket making with Mr Harvey too.  Badminton and IT time followed in the afternoon before the boarders gathered to celebrate in the FOSM room 

Miss Brown arranges ice-cream birthday cakes for our boarders and is also famous for her knickerbocker glories which are a coveted prize for our dorm winners each term.  It was therefore very generous of Miss Brown to make knickerbocker glories for all the boarders as birthday celebrations got underway.  No party is complete without balloons and party games.  Pass the parcel and musical chairs were the order of the day, as well as a brilliant balloon game introduced by Miss North.  

The boarders enjoyed a swim in the pool afterwards and Miss Brown joined them for a dip too, making her entrance in style courtesy of Mr Higgins and Mr Ambrose! 

Happy Birthday Livi and Miss Brown.

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