Have you ever wondered what the ingredients are for a perfect weekend to start the new boarding year?  Well, let me tell you!  Glorious September sunshine, ice-cream, a climbing wall, archery, a delicious Roast dinner on Sunday, tuck, playing in the woods, swimming and a wonderful group of children to share this with.  Put these all together and you have a winning recipe for an amazing weekend and after months of being apart, it felt simply wonderful to have our boarding family back together again.  

We welcomed a number of new boarders into the house this term and after an exciting first week back at school, it was lovely to see new friendships being nurtured as the boarders made the very most of our beautiful grounds.  The weather was perfect and the boarders enjoyed all the different activities on offer, some taking on the challenge of trying something new too.  

I will never tire of hearing the sound of children’s laughter and I am so proud of how positively all our boarders have returned to school and how well our new children are settling in. 

The icing on the cake was hearing from one of our Year 8 boarders that this was “the best Sunday ever!”  High praise indeed but I happen to agree.  The new boarding year at FSM has got off to a flying start and it is so good to have the boarders back!

Mrs Rowntree

Head of Boarding