Following very heavy rainfall last Saturday, the boarders thankfully awoke to blue skies on Sunday morning.  Following a delicious full English breakfast and with the forecast for the rest of the day not looking good, it was decided that an adventure in the woods, with wellies and boiler suits, was to be the first activity of the day.  As the photographs show, they didn’t stay dry for long but they had a whale of a time in the process!  

After changing into dry clothes, it was off to the cookery room to make some delicious sausage rolls with Mrs Kendall which the boarders enjoyed eating over lunchtime.  I can vouch for the fact that they were absolutely delicious and I have been inspired to have a go at making my own over the sleepout weekend. 

Mr Harvey’s food quiz started the afternoon with opportunities for the boarders to sample different foods and identify them.  After trying three different pieces of chocolate, could they work out which brand was which?  The remainder of the afternoon involved fun in the DHH followed by the best game of Hide and Seek around the boarding house.  The boarders found some brilliant places to hide and it was the perfect way to end a really fun weekend.