Wicked Wednesdays organised by our GSAs (known as Team Awesome) are always a hit with boarders and staff, and once again they rose to the challenge with the creation of ‘Glastonbridge’.  The idea was casually suggested one evening whilst chatting in the surgery and from there, Team Awesome went into full festival planning mode!

Posters, wristbands, bandanas, bead crafts and ‘hook a duck’ were all added to the list.  Refreshments came in the form of coke and lemonade floats but the question remains, does ice cream really belong in a fizzy drink? The jury is still out but the boarders were more than happy to give it a try!  Mrs Rowntree took the opportunity to invite our Year 5 day children in to get a taste of boarding life and they certainly entered into the spirit of the evening, having a wonderful time with their boarding friends. 

We had a chill-out zone with beanbags, a dance arena, dance-offs and sing-alongs and, of course, no festival would be completed with a headline act.  Warming the crowd up were our very own PJ and Duncan (alias Mr McEwan and Mr Humphreys) and the evening drew to a close as GSABBA took to the stage for ‘Dancing Queen’.  Team Awesome and Miss Brown looked fantastic in their costumes (I still don’t know why these live in Miss Corani’s friend’s boot…) and the boarders were up on their feet singing along. 

We have been so fortunate to have three incredible GSAs this year in Miss Corani, Mr Higgins and Mr Ambrose. They really are Team Awesome and have completely thrown themselves into boarding life, becoming much loved members of our community.  Thank you for another wonderful evening Team Awesome and for everything you have given to the boarding life of FSM during your time with us.  We will miss you hugely when you move on at the end of this term but you leave us with so many wonderful memories of fun, laughter and friendship.