From suffragettes to Superman and Cadbury’s Heroes to Cruella De Vil, FSM was awash with Heroes and Villains on Monday as the boarders gathered for this term’s Theme Night.

Once again the costumes were varied and imaginative and really set the scene for the fun evening ahead.  Matt and his team provided an ‘Incredible’ supper which the boarders tucked into before the evening’s activities got underway.

Sensei Simon led some fantastic martial arts sessions (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and the boarders loved the Tag Archery games in the DHH (Robin Hood).  Other activities included designing a superhero logo, card games (The Joker), Thor’s Hammer Throw and X-ray vision mystery boxes.

Each boarder was given a paw print at the end of supper and had to avoid making eye contact with Cruella during the evening otherwise their paw print would have to be surrendered.  Those still with their paw prints at the end of the night would win a prize.

Our last activity involved making cards for residents of our local nursing home.  The boarders relished the opportunity to do this, writing some lovely messages inside, and I know these will be warmly received by the residents of Allenbrook.  The boarders became real-life heroes on Monday night.

Please enjoy an album of Mrs Cochand’s photographs below: