Theme Night is always a highlight of the term for the boarders and our ‘Out of this World’ theme night certainly didn’t disappoint!  

As usual, the boarders let their imaginations run wild with some fantastic costumes and they couldn’t wait to get dressed up as games and matches came to an end.  Following a tasty supper, the evening’s activities were unveiled and to the children’s delight a silent disco had been set up in the Music Room, allowing the children to be in their own world of music!  Meanwhile a mobile planetarium had been constructed in the DHH and it was amazing to lie back and see inside the International Space Station and to learn more about life beyond earth.  There were also a whole host of other party games, including Pin the Earth on the Solar System, Toss the Meteorite and glow in the dark bowling. 

The children had a fantastic evening, as did the staff, and it reinforced the fact that boarding at FSM is ‘Out of this World’!  Please enjoy Mrs Cochand’s fantastic photographs below.