For one night only, The Four Seasons came to the FSM boarding house.  No, I don’t mean the American band from the 1970s nor, on this occasion, the music of Vivaldi.  We literally had all four seasons in one day for our termly boarders’ theme night: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In only the second week back at school, the boarders pulled out all the stops to represent the seasons through their outfits and costumes and the staff didn’t disappoint either.  Miss Corani, you made a wonderful Spring Chicken!

Following Four Seasons Pizza and a four-layered jelly for supper, the evening’s activities began with themed zones within the boarding house and something for everyone.  This included an Easter Egg Hunt for Spring, beach volleyball and stone painting for Summer, welly wanging and leaf art for Autumn and a snowball fight for Winter. 

The children had a fantastic evening and so did the staff.  At the end of the night it was time to ‘fall’ into bed after an evening of running around, laughter, creativity and friendship.  Perfect!