Since half term, the boarders have enjoyed lots of midweek fun as part of our ‘Wicked Wednesday’ programme. An ‘At Home’ night gave the boarders a relaxing first Wednesday back and last week the boarders flexed their mental muscle as they took part in our annual Big Boarding Quiz. The popular ‘FSM Staff’ round kept the boarders entertained at the end of the evening: who would have expected Mr McEwan to take maypole dancing lessons at school or Mrs Wells to have played for her University Rugby team (with a mouthguard to match her kit!). Congratulations to the winning team who snatched victory with just half a point!

This week, Team GSA provided the boarders with a fantastic trio of activities.

They followed an Orienteering course around the building and the grounds taking part in challenges from ‘The Cube’ and braved the blindfold for the food games. Who would get the nice flavours and who would be chosen to try those more challenging to the palate? Mustard and Worcestershire Sauce certainly divided the crowd! Thank you Team GSA for a brilliant night of entertainment.