School Houses - Forres Sandle Manor

School Houses

When children join the School, they also join a School House. The four houses are named after enclosure areas found in the New Forest – which is an area of land which the Schools sits within.

The four houses are:

• Broomy
• Hasley
• Pittswood
• Sloden

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Over their time at the School, children complete a range of activities in their houses, and normally become fiercely competitive about winning points!

House points are awarded for good conduct, excellent work, superb effort and for going above-and-beyond in their normal life at the School.

House points aren’t just won in traditional areas such as sports, pupils can win points in every part of School life, including art and photography competitions, recitals and the annual House Singing competition.

House points are celebrated in every Friday morning assembly and the coveted Hartley House Cup is awarded every term to the winning team.