Year 7 Bournemouth Synagogue visit - Forres Sandle Manor

Year 7 Bournemouth Synagogue visit

Monday morning saw Year 7 pootling off to visit an Orthodox Synagogue. The Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation welcomed us to their place of worship, providing us with the opportunity to bring textbook and screen learning to life. We learned about the various features of the building itself and how it functions and serves the community. The serenity of the place was palpable, and the pupils responded with a real respect and almost a sense of awe as they entered the prayer hall.

The Rabbi introduced the religion of Judaism, describing key beliefs and practices that we will be studying during this unit of work. There was some fascinating information given, including about how scrolls are written (please don’t make us write this perfectly in our handwriting competition, Mrs T!) and the Rabbi peppered his talk with real examples from his own experience.

We are now armed with knowledge from an expert and looking forward to continuing our studies – come and ask us questions about our visit!

Written by: Miss North