Theme night at FSM

This week was excellent. Our magnificent members of staff put on the best Theme Night known to date…

Boarding Boarders Silent Disco

Neon silent disco

Miss King, Miss Monroe, Mrs Marks, Mr Humphreys, Mr McEwan and the team of GSAs prepared an excellent experience of a silent disco for a theme night. The boarders tried to find the best costumes for a neon disco theme. Look at the pictures below. Miss Fraser (GSA)  did the blue channel in which there was pop music and requests, Mr MacNelly did the green channel in the 80s, and the orange channel was the Finding Nemo movie. Miss King made cocktails at the bar, and the teachers were having the best time dancing. Miss Monroe even grabbed glow sticks for Zuko, her dog. Mrs Marks bought neon paint that glows in the dark and glow sticks, and it was so fun. In name of all the boarders, I want to thank all of the members of staff for that excellent time of dancing we went through.

Carla F and Kate A Year 6

Boarding Boarders Waterpark


What a weekend! The boarders went to the New Forest Water Park and had a splashing time!  There was toppling and turning and a lot of falling.  It was one of the best Sundays ever, and I’ve been boarding here for a while.

After all that fun, we returned to a relaxing lunch and then did a paper aeroplane challenge. It was a heated competition, but in the end, we had some winners.

For the longest flight: Mads and Mr McNally 

For design: Sofia, Lola and Wanda 

Trick shot: Javier 

Well done, everyone.

Kate A and Carla F – Year 6


Boarding Photographs

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